Filipe Laurentino

Filipe Laurentino works professionally with illustration since 2006.

He was involved in the De Cabron project winner of a Cannes Bronze Lion in 2015.

His work is directed to areas with creative needs, such as editorial, advertising and games. Most part of his creations involve characters and stories, and he is always open to new challenges.

Represented worldwide by Lemonade Illustration Agency.

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Há 2 years

Hello again : ) It’s been a while since my last post. During all this time, besides working, I was studying and practicing a lot, and my work has changed considerably. I have learned a lot and I changed my process… Read More READ MORE

Tutorial: applying texture.

Há 4 years

Using the ‘Three Gods’ illustration as example, I want to show a more specific tutorial on how to apply texture. I’ll focus on the dragon and the texture I used to the final image of the creature. Read More READ MORE

The 3 Gods

Há 4 years

It wasn’t their intention, but at the moment they met in the vastness of the nothing that was before, the universe was created. — This world is part of an idea… Read More READ MORE

New site!

Há 4 years

My new website is ready, welcome! I’d like to thank Thiago Bisewski and all the guys from Pixelwolf who gave life to this site, a new world for my illustrations to live. —… Read More READ MORE


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