New site!

My new website is ready, welcome!

I’d like to thank Thiago Bisewski and all the guys from Pixelwolf who gave life to this site, a new world for my illustrations to live.

This world was a big discovery, a revelation. There is still a lot to understand about how it works and where is this place, but I know it exists and I believe it’s another dimension. It’s a place that has a lot of influence on us, on who we are and what we do here in our little world, in our day-by-day. Little by little I can see more and more of what is there, and through my drawing I can show what I see. This is the world I present in my website, spreading through the layout, these creatures who has this mysterious connection with our mind and soul.

And it starts up there, with the three gods…

Beyond these revelations and other stories, I’ll post on this blog sketches, inspirations, creative processes, step-by-steps, and other ideas that can come to my mind – or will be revealed by the other world.

= )

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