Future Glimpse


This is the final image I did on Mike Azevedo’s course. It was a great and intense journey, I feel that I grew a lot artistically! : )

This girl is part of a world where there’s a lot of different tribes and villages but they don’t really know about each other. Something will happen and eventually they will discovery the existence of this bigger world still unknown.

Where she lives is a part of the world where magic is more intense, everyone around can feel it and learn a few things about it. What she’s learning right now is to invoke the future version of that little creature. This can be very useful, the adult creatures don’t usually stay around humans in this area but the young ones do. There’s a limited amount of time for the future version to exist, and the creature’s life gets shorter every time.

Lots of fun painting this image!!!



Character Concepts:


Dragon Concepts:


Color Mood:


Painting Process:


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