Hello again : )

It’s been a while since my last post.

During all this time, besides working, I was studying and practicing a lot, and my work has changed considerably. I have learned a lot and I changed my process and the way I think to get to a final result.

I want to show here quickly what I mean by showing a example, an illustration I used in the other posts on this blog, the top image of this website.

This is the old version:

And this is the new one:

What is changed from one version to another?

If a want to sum it up to one word, this word would be ‘reading’.

But we can separate this new image in a few parts like a recipe, and each part would be an ingredient that is missing in the old version. Or maybe it was there and didn’t work by a misinterpretation of the shop list or by a still unknown reason because I didn’t cook the more sophisticated recipes at the time.

Some missing ingredients in the old version were: ‘value and contrast hierarchy’, ‘cast shadows’, ‘contact shadows’, ‘render hierarchy’, ‘color and light temperature’.

And there is probably a few more ingredients that I must have forgotten, or I still not aware for not have studied and cooked even more sophisticated recipes.

When I finished that old version I was sure that I had made a complete and finalized illustration. It still can be considered a final one, but it would only work in a few restaurants and it wouldn’t be appreciated by many people. Those missing ingredients wouldn’t make the recipe go to the best restaurants because the best chefs know what is wrong in the simple concepts, the Fundamentals!

So looking back I can only reinforce what everyone that work with art say: evolution is nonstop. And the evolution should keep going in every aspect of our lives.

I’m sure I’ll look to this image in the future and I’ll see that the new recipe is wrong or that it needs some adjustments. But that is exactly the point of I’m trying to say here : )

Now a visual comparison, if we look only to the values, side by side, we can visualize much better the differences:

I also want to talk about the tutorial post for texture that I made before.

It’s not a process that I work with anymore, maybe a few times, very rarely, but I still think it’s worth to keep the post there as a way to work with something specific, a way to learn a few tools on photoshop.

But I have to say that is much more important to think the image as a whole, in composition, storytelling, clarity. Texture is important to separate the materials but there is a lot of ways to do that. It’s more important to learn how the material works and behave than the technique itself.

I hope this post helps you to keep you evolving : )

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